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[Faculty of Law’s graduate studies website]

Welcome to the Faculty of Law’s graduate studies website.  We thank you for your interest and hope that this site will answer your questions.

You want to deepen your knowledge on a social or political question that has legal dimensions?  You want to acquire specialized knowledge about a particular field of law?  You wish to better understand how various social, political and economic dynamics impact on the production, interpretation and effectiveness of law?  You are interested in reflecting about the meaning of law in a pluralist society?

With its various graduate studies programs and the quality of its professors and students, the Faculty of Law offers you a most stimulating environment for achieving your graduate studies project.  Moreover, with its lengthy research tradition and interest in bridging law and society, the Faculty has become one of the French-speaking world’s most important centre for the development of legal thought.  Some of its professors and alumni have left their imprint on Québec, Canada and the world – think, among others, of Pierre Elliott-Trudeau, Alan B. Gold, Robert Bourassa, Jean Beetz, Philippe Kirsh, Bernard Landry or Louise Arbour.  The Faculty of Law is part of a select group of prestigious law schools comprised in the ATLAS network.  In sum, whether you are theoretically or practically inclined, you will find at UdeM a graduate studies program in law that fits your needs and provides you with high quality coaching.

But while the experience of graduate studies at the UdeM is intrinsically stimulating, it can hardly be dissociated from the experience of living in Montréal, a predominantly French-speaking, cosmopolitan metropolis home to an important English-speaking community, located in Québec, which a mixed law jurisdiction within a bijural Canada.  A city of contrasts characterized by a formidable cultural dynamism, Montréal is as much the hometown of Michel Tremblay and Ariane Moffatt as it is that of Leonard Cohen, LaLaLa Human Steps or the Cirque du Soleil.  Year after year, the most prestigious international magazines pick Montréal as one of the most liveable major city in the world, at this, at a relatively low cost (Lonelyplanet).  Deeply anchored in North America, yet proudly claiming its European roots, Montreal is an ideal city to pursue graduate studies. 

Let us now say a few words about the structure of graduate studies at the Faculty of Law.  In order to smoothly navigate this site, it is indeed of the utmost importance to understand that, from an administrative standpoint, a central division exists between two types of programs.  On the one hand, there are research-focused programs (LL.M with thesis and LL.D), which are under the responsibility of the Associate Dean, Research, and, on the other hand, there are a number of other masters programs, where course requirements are more substantial than research ones.  All these programs, which are more professionally-inclined, are administered by the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Development (micro-programs, D.E.S.S. and professional LL.Ms). 

We wish you a pleasant visit on the Faculty of Law’s graduate studies website.




Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens
Associate Dean, Reseach
Guy Lefebvre
Associate Dean, Development and Graduate Studies


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